Two-Factor Authentication

Zero-touch deployment: there is no requirement for source code level integration at the web application. 

The end-user is oblivious to its existence thus maintaining a user-friendly access.

Choice of authentication mechanism: Authentication using both digital certificates and standard event or time-based OTP algorithms.

Compatible with Singapore Authentication Framework (NAF) for 2FA authentication. 

Authentication using static passwords remains as vulnerable as ever. It is prone to dictionary attacks, brute force attacks, key loggers, phishing attacks, and much more. Add to it the fact that end-users tend to choose weak passwords for easy recall, even when the stakes are high and the situation is an appetizing target for security attacks.

What is Two Factor Authentication ?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a solid defensive strategy that addresses problems like identity theft associated with traditional password-based systems. Generally, it is understood to be an authentication mechanism where “something you have” and “something you know” are both provided as evidences of identity to enter a system.   

Choose from multiple factors of authentication:

Digital Certificates One Time Passwords (OTP) using Tokens/ Software/ Mobile/ SMS

Enabling an application with a second-factor of authentication involves tedious integration of the solution with the existing application, which means expenses at both the application and user ends, to modify as well as integrate the solution. This makes the application dependent on the new solution thereby stunting its growth, not to mention the recurring cost. 

Two Factor Authentication Solution

Odyssey's Snorkel-TX addresses these problems elegantly by enabling secure interaction with the web application using two-factor authentication and expecting very little from the end-user. Snorkel-TX is a fully PKI-enabled secure gateway server that protects your web applications from transaction frauds.

With its plug-configure-play deployment, enabling two-factor authentication or changing among different authentication mechanisms for your web applications involves only a simple configuration change in the Snorkel-TX server.

Learn more about implementing two factor authentication for your web applications.

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