Odyssey ClockTix

ClockTix Brochure and Datasheet

Odyssey ClockTix Server is a fully scalable, standards compliant time stamping server that responds to RFC#3161 requests with time stamp tokens. The time stamp allows clients to produce evidential proof of the existence and integrity of any file or data at a given point in time.

The need for Time Stamping

With most businesses transitioning to electronic documents and processes, the need for a definite way to sequence events and preserve the sequencing long-term becomes quintessential. A time stamping server can provide accurate time stamps for specific events like online transactions, document creation and modification, certificate issuance etc.

Since the time stamp is also digitally signed by the time stamping server, the reliability and integrity of the time stamp is strengthened.

Time stamping of documents and files makes automation of document processing as well as remote auditing easier for businesses and government agencies as it imparts an element of trust and authenticity that would otherwise be absent.

Time stamping is also a necessary part of a comprehensive PKI infrastructure. Without a time stamping server, all the certificates issued by a CA and consequently all actions carried out using those certificates would be invalidated if the CAs key is compromised. If the certificates are time stamped at the time of issuance using an independent third party time stamping server, then it is possible to recognize and invalidate only those certificates issued after the key was compromised.

Odyssey ClockTix

Odyssey Clocktix is a secure, scalable, standards compliant time stamping server that can be set up as an independent Trusted Third Party Time (TTP) Stamping Authority (TTA). The server responds to time stamping requests from clients and supports three different transport protocols viz. - SMTP, HTTP, and TCP for time stamping request and response. The server can be set up to keep accurate time by relying on any of the established time sources including GPS, NTP, and atomic clocks.

ClockTix relies on PKI technology and digitally signs each time stamping token with its own signing key, thus ensuring the reliability of time stamps. The solution has a secure web-based administration interface and can be combined with Odyssey Time Stamping Account Manager (TSAM), a versatile account management server for client management including client registration, identification, authentication, and activity logging.

Odyssey ClockTix is RFC 3161 compliant.

Business Benefits

Reliable time stamping for electronic transactions, documents, files, digital signatures, and digital certificates.

Enables automation of document processing including invoices, vouchers, trading instructions etc.

Enables long-term validation of electronic documents such as e-contracts, payment receipts, etc.

Eases the task of administrative agencies such as taxation, SEBI, RBI (Reserve Bank of India), etc. as the electronic documents can be accepted and verified automatically.

Helps ease the auditing process for electronic document filing and transactions.

Enables validation of digital signatures even after the certificate trust chain is broken.

Odyssey Technologies Limited is the leader in PKI technology and e-security solutions in the Asia-Pacific region. Odyssey develops products and solutions for Internet transaction security and is recognized by the Controller of Certifying Authorities in India as a technology vendor. The company proudly supports the security needs of major banks and financial institutions in the Asia-Pacific region and has earned their trust as a reliable vendor.