AltaSigna Forms

Bypasses the need for bulky script embedded forms.

The end-user interface is browser-based, simple and intuitive.

Faster processing due to low footprint of forms.

Signature verification and downstream processing of forms require less storage and processing power; therefore cost effective.

AltaSigna Forms is a dynamic electronic Forms management solution for enterprise and government use. Electronic forms improve business processes by enabling automated forms distribution, filing and processing. This is especially imperative for government agencies and businesses that deal with large-scale forms on a regular basis and require a streamlined and automated process to ensure efficiency and time management.

In addition to enabling businesses to manage forms data efficiently, the AltaSigna Forms also ensures failsafe authentication and integrity of data contained in the forms by enabling users to digitally sign the forms before submitting them.

The application sports a simple to use client interface that enables the user to sign form data using his digital certificate. The need for custom-built forms with embedded signature capabilities is thus alleviated, resulting in light-weight forms that are efficient to store and quick to process.

AltaSigna Forms Server is a powerful enterprise server ideal for :

Verification of digital signatures on forms uploaded by end-users.

Offline storage and verification of signature data.

Extraction of data from digitally signed forms and routing of form data to relevant business applications for further processing.

Acknowledgment of form receipts by sending a digitally signed confirmation back to the end-user by e-mail or making the signed confirmation downloadable from the website.


AltaSigna Forms - Client platform requirements:

Microsoft Windows XP and above

Internet Explorer 7 and above

AltaSigna Forms - Server Options

AltaSigna Enterprise Server

AltaSigna SMB (Small and Medium Business Server)

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