Sarbanes Oxley

The Sarbanes Oxley act is a critical legislation aimed at improving the accuracy and reliability of corporate disclosures and thereby reducing financial frauds. The law is applicable to U.S. public company boards, management as well as public accounting firms and non-compliance has significant negative consequences.

It is therefore imperative for financial firms to put in place rigorous processes and procedures to ensure the integrity of accounting information.

With almost all organizations shifting to electronic workflows and document processing, it is important to ensure that there are no gaps in compliance by making IT systems fraud resistant and ensuring effective internal controls as specified in Section 404 of the SOX Act.

SOX Compliance

As the leader in PKI and e-security with over a decade of experience in serving the needs of major financial institutions, Odyssey has the expertise to provide you with the right tools for implementing the necessary internal controls. With Odyssey’s capabilities to guide and equip your IT security, SOX compliance will be much easier to implement and manage as well as less expensive!

Our solutions can help you implement:

Reliable multi-factor authentication to IT systems to prevent unauthorized entry and access to sensitive financial information.

Identification and authorization of system users through digital certificates.

Intricate access control for accessing and using financial data.

Stringent accountability of user and administrator activities to detect internal frauds.

Data accountability and integrity through digital signatures for early detection of suspicious activities.

End-to-end data security using SSL for all web-enabled applications.

Comprehensive reporting system for providing evidence of SOX compliance.

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