AltaSigna Pine for E-Receipts

AltaSigna Pine is a fully standards compliant digital signature solution that enables agency banks and state government portals to comply with e-security regulations when interacting with RBIís eKuber core banking solution.

Standardization of E-Receipt Process Flow
Agency banks that collect taxes and other state government dues from citizens currently route the e-receipts for such payments through the RBIís eKuber server.However, due to wide differences in messaging standards and structures of servicing across different agency banks and state governments, the RBI has new regulations in place to streamline and secure the process.

The new regulations require agency banks that transact with the eKuber server for routing e-receipts to comply with specific messaging standards and formats.
Using AltaSigna Pine for compliance

AltaSigna Pine is specifically built for complying with the new RBI regulations pertaining to e-receipts.

The application enables agency banks to fall in compliance with the new regulations while investing very little time, cost and effort spent in the process.

AltaSigna Pine brochure

AltaSigna Pine datasheet

Quick and painless plug-configure-play deployment. Your bank can be in full compliance in a matter of days.
Continued compliance with changing regulatory requirements through product upgrades.
No need for specialized and expensive skill set to operate and manage the application.
Trusted and reliable brand name.

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