As the leader in PKI in the Asia-Pacific region, Odyssey has built a reputation for engineering innovative solutions, and has enabled reliable e-commerce and banking services against the backdrop of a volatile and insecure web environment. Our products serve a wide range of industries and both supplement and compliment existing infrastructure to secure processes and streamline operations.

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Stretch your e-security expertise and capabilities with Odyssey’s state-of-the-art PKI solutions.

Provide value-added service to customers through Odyssey’s robust and modular solutions.

Leverage our vast experience and knowledgeable resources to assist you throughout the pre-sales, implementation, and post-sales processes.

Ensure quick sales and deployment turnover time with Odyssey’s plug-configure-play model.

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Odyssey Technologies Limited is the leader in PKI technology and e-security solutions in the Asia-Pacific region. Odyssey develops products and solutions for Internet transaction security and is recognized by the Controller of Certifying Authorities in India as a technology vendor. The company proudly supports the security needs of major banks and financial institutions in the Asia-Pacific region and has earned their trust as a reliable vendor.