Payment card industry data security standard(PCI DSS) is an information security standard developed by the PCI Security Standards Council.

The objective of the standard is to enhance payment card data security and is relevant for all organizations that handle payments using debit, credit, prepaid, e-purse, ATM and POS cards.

Why should you be PCI DSS Compliant?

Being PCI DSS compliant is important for ensuring the confidentiality of card holder data as well as protecting the payment network from vulnerabilities that could result in loss of millions of dollars and business reputation. Additionally, not complying with PCI DSS could result in increased security audits, fines and even the ability to process card transactions.

Complying with PCI DSS can be expensive and time consuming, especially if security functionality has to be integrated to the payment applications. This is why Odyssey’s solutions focus on providing cost-effective and easily deployable plug-configure-play solutions that can provide the highest forms of security to your payment systems.

Our solutions can help you adhere to PCI DSS requirements by:

Protecting cardholder data using industrial strength data encryption algorithms.

Authenticating users and administrators using digital certificates and One Time Passwords before allowing them to access data.

Enabling fine-grained page-level access control for restricting users to access only authorized data and information from payment applications.

Tracking and monitoring all access to network resources and cardholder data by maintaining logs and records of user and administrator activities.

Our solutions are zero-touch and require no change to your infrastructure or code-base, making the deployment cost-effective and stress-free. Absence of third-party tools and databases further reduces the costs of PCI DSS compliance.

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