One Time Password Solutions


Choice of OTP medium.

No password fatigue among end users.

Implemented as part of a two factor authentication mechanism to defend against man-in-the-middle attacks.

Standardized implementation.

Event based and time based password generation.

Cost effective alternative to expensive digital certificates based authentication mechanism, especially when the stakes are relatively lower.

Static passwords are at best an inconvenience to users because they have to be remembered and at worst, prone to multiple types of attacks. There are hundreds of tools and mechanisms available to scour passwords off the internet or even from computers not connected to the Internet. Overall, the use of only static passwords for protecting your web applications drastically increases chances for identity thefts and fraudulent transactions.

One time passwords alleviate the above problems by providing the end-users with a temporary password that can be used only one time. Combined with regular static passwords or digital certificate-based authentication mechanism, they provide two factors of authentication that can reliably protect end-users against phishing attacks, and other forms of identity thefts.   

Odyssey One Time Password Solutions

Odyssey offers a slew of one time password authentication choices including SMS-based OTPs, token-based OTPs, software-based OTPs and mobile-based OTPs.

Odyssey Technologies Limited is the leader in PKI technology and e-security solutions in the Asia-Pacific region. Odyssey develops products and solutions for Internet transaction security and is recognized by the Controller of Certifying Authorities in India as a technology vendor. The company proudly supports the security needs of major banks and financial institutions in the Asia-Pacific region and has earned their trust as a reliable vendor.