Legally enforceable electronic contracts: Odyssey AltaSigna Duo

Agreements between business entities that are paper-based can comprise a significant portion of stationery cost and also slow down your processes. AltaSigna Duo is a simple, yet powerful application that allows your business to segue from paper-based contracts to electronic contracts without compromising the integrity of such agreements. 

AltaSigna Duo manages the flow of contract documents within or outside an organization.

It allows the originator of a contract to digitally sign the document and send it to the other entities. Each entity can then verify the digital signature of his predecessors and then digitally sign the contract himself.

Light-weight desktop application for Windows based systems

Installs in less than two minutes

Intuitive interface and virtually no learning required

Feature Highlights

You can now use your digital certificate to sign contracts. AltaSigna Duo makes it easy to create electronic contracts in the PDF format and sign them using your key.

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