AltaSigna Digital Signature Verification Server (ASDVS)

ASDVS Brochure and Datasheet

AltaSigna Digital Signature Verification Server (ASDVS) is a powerful signature verification solution that allows businesses to verify the reliability and authenticity of electronic documents.

The server removes the complexity associated with signature verification, certificate validation and trust management from business applications and is ideal for verifying incoming documents including purchase orders, bills, invoices, contracts, AMC renewals, etc

ASDVS is capable of decrypting and verifying huge volumes of electronic documents efficiently by alleviating the need for multiple signature verification software installations in distinct application servers.

Business Benefits

Streamlines inflow and processing of electronic documents.

Eases the load on business applications by offloading resource intensive cryptographic operations.

Improves security through centralized management, control and auditing features cost-effectively.

Protects decryption keys even if the application server is compromised.

Authenticates incoming documents and establishes ownership by verifying digital signatures.

Enables validation of digital signatures even after the certificate trust chain is broken.


Feature Highlights

Automatically picks up PDF documents from file system, network, or e-mail.

Decrypts encrypted documents and archived decrypted documents in configurable file systems. Supports user-specific decryption passwords.

Authenticates incoming documents and establishes ownership by verifying digital signatures.

Supports CRL and OCSP for validating digital certificates used for verifying documents.

Archives verified signatures in XML format for future verification.

Secure web-based administration with intuitive user interface.


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