Defense Security Solutions

By their very nature, web applications employed in defense contain extremely sensitive information crucial to national security and can have serious implications if compromised. It is therefore essential that only the highest forms of security technology be employed for such purposes.

With multiple web applications being employed within the establishment including ERP systems, form management applications, interdepartmental file transfers, payroll management services etc., it can be challenging to implement effective and uniform security across all web applications. Also, integrating new security features to protect applications against new and evolving threats can be time consuming, costly and can even lead to new vulnerabilities into the system.

Odyssey’s solutions take into account the above challenges and provide a centralized solution to protect web applications across the organization cost effectively, and without compromising security. Odyssey’s solutions follow a zero-touch model wherein the solutions need no changes to the existing infrastructure and code base to be deployed. The products can be deployed plug-configure-play style and works with almost all web applications regardless of application vendor, and platform.

Odyssey’s solutions employ military grade encryption algorithms and key sizes and follow strict international standards. Our solutions are NIST certified.

Odyssey has successfully deployed e-security solutions for identity management and process automation at both the DoD (Department of Defense) and WESEE (Weapons and Electronic Systems Engineering Establishment). Our solutions :

Ensure data confidentiality, integrity, and accountability.

Authenticate online communications.

Streamline internal processes and work-flows.

Empower departments to go paperless.

Odyssey Technologies Limited is the leader in PKI technology and e-security solutions in the Asia-Pacific region. Odyssey develops products and solutions for Internet transaction security and is recognized by the Controller of Certifying Authorities in India as a technology vendor. The company proudly supports the security needs of major banks and financial institutions in the Asia-Pacific region and has earned their trust as a reliable vendor.