Contract Notes

Delivering contract notes on time can be quite challenging, given the sluggishness and unreliability of the postal system. If you have a large customer-base trading at different exchanges, this can add up to the cost of business considerably.

Odyssey AltaSigna is a powerful document processing and delivery solution that fully automates the creation, signing, encryption and dispatch of contract notes to customers.

Our customers have realized over 90% cost savings with Odyssey AltaSigna!

Feature Highlights

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Bounce Mail Management:

Deliver contract notes by e-mail. AltaSigna classifies failed contract note deliveries into ‘soft bounce’ and ‘hard bounce’.

A ‘soft bounce’ usually indicates that the document can be successfully delivered by making subsequent attempts and thus AltaSigna ensures that such documents are ultimately delivered to the client on time.

‘Hard Bounce’ indicates errors beyond recovery in which case, AltaSigna provides timely warning so that those notes may be delivered by snail mail to ensure prompt delivery.

Odyssey AltaSigna has found wide acceptance in India thanks to its effective bounce mail management feature, since it enables trading houses to comply with contract notes delivery regulations.

Digital Signing and Encryption :

AltaSigna enables your customers to identify legitimate contract note e-mails from phishing attacks by digitally signing and encrypting the contract notes. Signing key can be configured based on the service, and a unique decryption password is generated for each customer, based on specific criteria.

Since the contract notes are generated in the PDF format, customers can verify the signature and decrypt the notes automatically using PDF’s native verification and decryption features. There is no need for installing applications on the client side.

Automatic Database Update:

In addition to managing the bounced e-mails, AltaSigna can also simultaneously update the backend database with the bounce information. The update is done by passing the bounce information in the form of XML payload.

Multiple Services Under One Roof:

AltaSigna can be configured to create and deliver contract notes for stock trades carried out at different exchanges simultaneously. The documents can be customized based on any number of criteria such as stock exchange, trade volume, customer location, etc.

Direct upload to server :

Once the contract notes are ready for dispatch, they can also be uploaded to a server so that they are readily available for customers who use online services.

Business Benefits
Suitable for small and large stock trading enterprises. AltaSigna can scale from a few hundreds to millions of documents per hour.

The solution is highly modular and can be deployed to work with any existing document automation modules. There is no need to make any changes to existing investments or code-base.

Rapid two-week deployment that includes installation, UAT and production.

Cost-effective. Solution does not use any third party database or software.

Enriches customer relations by automating seasons’ greetings, targeted marketing material, and other official communications.

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