Antiphishing solutions

According to the 2012 first quarter report by APWG, financial services continue to be the most targeted industry sector for phishing attacks, with the number of unique phishing sites standing at 56,859, an all time high and growing!

Odyssey offers a slew of anti-phishing solutions to protect your customers from identity thefts.

Prevent your customers from becoming victims of phishing attacks. The Snorkel Toolbar is a unique, PKI-based, anti-phising solution that helps your customers to transact with only trusted websites, and alerts them when they visit phishing websites.

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Ensure that your customers can differentiate between phishing e-mails and legitimate communications from your bank.

Implementing the AltaSigna Server, Odyssey's bulk document signing solution, can not only transition you cost-effectively and securely to a fully e-mail based communication system, but also enhance your marketing and cross-selling abilities.

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Protect your web transactions from identity thefts by providing a safe communication channel and two –factor authentication for your web applications.

Odyssey Snorkel – TX is a powerful transaction security server that can protect web applications from identity thefts by enabling a secure client and server authenticated SSL channel, two factor authentication using digital certificates and one time passwords and digital signatures for transactions, forms and file uploads.

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Odyssey Technologies Limited is the leader in PKI technology and e-security solutions in the Asia-Pacific region. Odyssey develops products and solutions for Internet transaction security and is recognized by the Controller of Certifying Authorities in India as a technology vendor. The company proudly supports the security needs of major banks and financial institutions in the Asia-Pacific region and has earned their trust as a reliable vendor.