Account Statements

Streamline your document delivery process. Save Cost. Meet deadlines.

Encourage customers to opt for electronic account statements instead of paper statements. Sending electronic statements is now easier than ever with Odyssey AltaSigna.

AltaSigna Enterprise is the solution of choice for major banks and brokerages in India for generating and dispatching millions of account statements for their various services every month.

Our customers use AltaSigna for delivering everything from CASA (Current Account Savings Account) statements, to Consolidated Statements, Loan against Securities statements, NRI statements, fixed deposit statements, ForEx statements, contract notes etc.

AltaSigna makes electronic document delivery a completely automated process resulting in tremendous savings in cost, time and manpower.

Sample Account Statement

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Business Benefits
Achieve complete automation of document lifecycle including creation, signing, encryption and delivery.

Create, digitally sign, encrypt and deliver millions of account statements in a matter of few hours.

Enjoy unparalleled customization options for documents, including logos, images, colours, formatting and watermarks.

Enable customers to read and verify account statements from any medium including laptops, PCs, mobiles and tablets.

Manage inflow of documents and e-mails from customers and deconstruct the same for use by upstream applications.

Enable customers to identify and isolate valid business communications from spam and phishing e-mails.

Enjoy assurance of mail delivery through flexible e-mail bounce management features.

Cross-sell products to customers by including targeted marketing literature with their account statements.

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